Download Areddo

Installation with Areddo installer (msi)

1. Download Areddo (installer)

2. Start the installer from the download-location. Follow the installers' steps, Areddo will be installed in the programfiles folder.

Installation Areddo zip

1. Download Areddo

2. Extract the .zip file to the preferred location.

3. Browse to the location where Areddo is extracted to.

4. Double click Areddo.exe to start Areddo.

5. Before the interface is launched, a file browser will appear.

6. Browse to the location of the preferred BIM model(s).

7. Select the BIM model(s) you wish to open and click 'open' or press enter.

Anti-virus and Windows SmartScreen

Because Areddo is ready to use 'stickware', it can happen that anti-virus scanners or Windows SmartScreen block the launching of Areddo. When this happens it is safe to add an exception for Areddo in anti-virus software.

In case of a Windows SmartScreen block:
Select 'more info' and then select 'run anyway'.